People say that life is all about balance, but hey Jakartans, how do you manage to stay sane living in the midst of city’s traffic chaos?

Throughout 2016 I didn’t experience the Jakarta’s crazy traffic during rush hours. I found peace in waking up and going to my working table next to my bedroom. This year, I’ve been trying something different by working part time for a digital agency located around Kuningan area, the area that I usually avoid most of the time. That means I have to go to Kuningan three times a week during rush hours and make peace with traffic.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning. Driving a car was out of the options because I didn’t want to get stuck in the traffic and release my anger to other people. I would be one of those people who kept angry but didn’t give a solution to make the city a better place for living. So I decided to commute to work by using on-demand transportation providers. I used car in the morning and motorbike in the evening, because the night traffic congestion was worse.

Then again, I found a problem.

Being a passenger didn’t mean stress couldn’t hit you and spending 1-2 hours or more on the street sitting while doing nothing was quite stressful, especially those in motorbike, because you had to deal with pollution and fluctuating weather too. Not to mention the long-suffering commuters who had to face late running train services. No wonder people do unpleasant things and become more ignorant of other people.

I know that we can’t change the traffic and our behavior in a blink on an eye but I believe we can feel better if we surround ourselves with good things during bad times, and that, my friends, will keep us sane.

Instead of opening our social media accounts and grumbling about the traffic, why don’t we fill our smartphone with great audio files? Podcast or audiobook, you decide. I am sure there are times when we feel bored of listening those same songs over and over again on the radio.

These are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to:

Art for your ear – The Jealous Curator

This podcast consists of conversations between The Jealous Curator and her artist/creative friends. She asks a lot of great questions and it feels like listening to two great friends talking about their passions. How awesome is that?

The Penguin Podcast

Notable Penguin authors appeared on this podcast: Malcolm Gladwell, Jennifer Saunders, and more. Listen to these authors talking about given themes. It’s wonderful.

Ted Radio Hour 

Just like its videos, Ted Radio Hour provides us very educational stories about interesting Ted speakers.

On Being

This podcast takes up the big questions of meaning through interviews with creatives, scientists, theologians, and teachers. You may already know some of them: Paulo Coelho, Sarah Kay, and more.


Otherwise, if you are a reader like me, you may want to start collecting audiobooks. It is a lovely treat to listen to an author read his or her own work, you know?

Do you have any other suggestions to cope with the busy traffic? I would love to hear one!

I still can remember vividly the astonishing view of Mount Bromo during my first visit back in 2009: the beautiful sunrise and that apocalyptic feeling when you saw the sun appeared on the top of the mountain. It was crowded, obviously, because I was there on high season. After enjoying the sunrise, people walked towards the mountain to climb the 450 steep stairs that lead to the crater and stayed there for awhile to be once again mesmerised by the view.

It was beyond beautiful, and I thought I could take a trip down memory lane once more in 2016 (It’s 2017 now, I know. How late!)

I visited Mount Bromo for the second time during my road trip from Bali to Jakarta earlier last September. It was a sudden plan and neither I nor my husband brought a coat to cope with the cold temperature. But we went anyway.

Relying on Google Map, we arrived at the entrance of the Mount Bromo National Park. A man asked us to park the car at the given parking space and continued the journey using a jeep provided by them (not for free, of course). It was low season, so I saw only a few tourists, both locals and foreigners. I paid IDR450,000 for a jeep and a drive to take us to three places (Whispering Sands, Savannah, and Mount Bromo). I didn’t know if the price was okay or too expensive, but we didn’t have a choice anyway. We weren’t prepared to take a walk to Mount Bromo.


The Whispering Sands, my favourite spot!


In the middle of the Whispering Sands


I could stay here for hours

The Whispering Sands of Bromo was amazing. It was a huge sea of sand and extremely quiet. Being a city girl, I couldn’t remember the last time I stood up in the middle of nowhere and my ears heard absolutely nothing. I thought maybe this was how it felt to be Matt Damon in The Martian. Alone in a huge desert. I could sit there for a few hours just to embrace the silence.

My next journey was Savannah. I came on the dry season, so it wasn’t as green as it usually does during the peak season. Still, the place was great to take photos!


Pardon my face, it was a little bit raining.


It was dry season so the scenery was not as flowery as usual, the guide said


We were allowed to climb the hill if we wanted to

After the Whispering Sands and Savannah, my last journey was to climb the Mount Bromo itself. I thought it was going to be more or less the same as the Mount Bromo that I visited years ago but I was wrong. The eruptions changed its look. To reach the top of the mountain, I had to walk through the sea of sand (not the Whispering Sands), bypassed the Hindu temple, and climbed up a set of stairs to reach the crater.


In front of the gate to the Mount Bromo


The Hindu Temple on the way to Mount Bromo


Near the climbing route




Here it is, the chilling stairs


The crater. My hubby took this photo while he was sitting too


There I was, at the top of Mount Bromo and all I could do was sit

The scenery was more or less the same as my previous experience until I had to climb the stairs. The stairs were chilling, ladies and gentlemen. And on top of it, I didn’t dare to stand up when I reached the crater opening because the ground was too rough and I was too afraid to fall to the crater. Yep, I have a fear of heights if I don’t use any safety tools. The stairs’ structure used to be neat, and the area around the crater opening used to be flat and clean.

I remembered my dad once said that back when he was a child (flashback to around 50 years ago), he was always mesmerised by the magical view of Mount Bromo. It used to had a pure-white sea of sand and was surrounded by stone walls that soared up above the sky. Imagine the Rocky Mountain but waaaay more beautiful.

The eruption gradually changed Mount Bromo since then, but I still think that it never loses its charm.

Earlier this September I and my husband decided to go on a road trip from our home in Jakarta to Bali because we were going to hold two events in the Island of Gods. It meant we had to stay quite long (about 3 weeks) and bring a lot of things. It turned out that one single car saved us a lot of money but costed us quite an energy. But it definitely was worth the journey.


I took the northern route (Pantura) from Jakarta to Bali and the southern route from Bali to Jakarta. I fully relied on Google Maps to guide us through from city to city until I finally arrived in Bali. These were the cities I passed (and visited some of them) during the journey:

Jakarta – Bali

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.58.26 AM.png

Jakarta (enter the Jakarta inner ring road) – Bekasi – Cikampek – Tol Cikopo-Palimanan (known as Cipali) – Tol Kanci-Pejagan – Tol Pejagan-Pemalang – (exit the toll road) Tegal – Pemalang – Pekalongan – Batang – Kendal – Semarang – Demak – Kudus – Pati – Rembang – Lasem – Tuban – Badad – Lamongan – Gresik – Surabaya – Sidoarjo – Bangil – Pasuruan – Probolinggo – Situbondo – Ketapang Port – Gilimanuk Port – Bali

On the way to Bali, some unexpected things happened and delayed the journey. I departed from Jakarta on August 30 at 12.30 pm and planned to stay for a night in Semarang (hotel – booked!). However, when I arrived in Batang area the traffic was so bad due to a fallen tree on the road and it was already around 10 pm so I had to stay for a night at a sketchy hotel around there.


Cipali toll road

I then continued the journey at around 7-8 am in the next morning to Surabaya and stayed in the city for a night as planned. My journey from Surabaya to Ketapang port was quite a challenge too. There was a celebration of the Independence Day of Indonesia in Probolinggo and Situbondo where people marched on the main streets while singing, dancing, and wearing costumes (seriously, I thought it was Jember Fashion Show since what they wore were similar) and it caused a very bad traffic jam because no police officers managed the traffic. I expected to arrive in Ketapang Port at around 4 pm but the reality was I arrived at 7 pm.


A view in Tuban

However, in Situbondo I passed through the access road of Baluran National Park and the view was so amazing! Trees were everywhere on the left and right sides of the road and soft warm rays of sunshine beaming through them while monkeys were sitting and walking everywhere. Simply mesmerising.
Back to the Ketapang Port, the trip from Ketapang Port to Gilimanuk Port was around 45 minutes and I didn’t know that it took about 4-5 hours from Gilimanuk Port to the city (Denpasar). The road from Gilimanuk to the city was total dark at night and there were too many trucks (and hubby was very exhausted as well) so I had to call it a night and stay at the nearest hotel I found (after maybe 2 hours of driving). Luckily, the hotel was okay this time. The next morning, it took around 2 hours of driving to get into the city.

Bali – Jakarta

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 12.01.18 PM.png

Bali – Gilimanuk Port – Ketapang Port – Banyuwangi – Genteng – Jember – Probolinggo – Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park – Pasuruan – Purworedjo – Lawang – Malang – Batu – Malang – Blitar – Tulungagung – Trenggalek – Ponorogo – Wonogiri – Klaten – Yogyakarta – Wates – Kebumen – Kebasen – Banjar – Ciamis – Tjiawi – Nagreg – Cicalengka – Tol Padaleunyi – Bandung – Tol Cipularang – Bekasi – Jakarta


Entering the Gilimanuk Port

I checked out from the hotel at 12 pm and went straight to Gilimanuk port. Apparently the view on the way to Gilimanuk was breathtaking in the afternoon. I don’t know why but Bali is filled with beautiful trees along the road. Approaching Gilimanuk Port, you will find scenic sea views on the left side.


Somewhere around Banyuwangi

When I arrived in Ketapang Port, I went further south to Banyuwangi and stayed there for a night. I actually was quite curious about Banyuwangi because people said its beaches were worth the visit. However, the beaches were quite far from the main road and I couldn’t stay for long in this city because I had a plan in Malang. So I continued the journey to Malang via Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and headed to Malang and Batu for a few days and ended the trip as the written route above.

How was it?

  • Both the northern and southern routes have positive and negative sides. The northern route is more developed in terms of the road since there are a lot of big factories there. The road is huge and great but you have to race with trucks and buses along the way. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to cut off huge trucks and buses. The views are okay, either you see houses, factories, paddy fields, or sea. Meanwhile, the southern route is more laid-back. The road is narrower and sometimes a little bit rocky compared to the northern route but less trucks and buses. The views are more beautiful because you will pass through mountains, reservoirs, forests, paddy fields, and cities.
  • If you are not in a hurry, going for a road trip is worth the try. You can visit a lot of places on the way to your destination. Spare some times to explore each interesting city bit by bit.
  • Driving on your own means less communication with local people. I found myself knowing much better about the local culture when I travel using public transportation because I can interact with them anytime I want.


Aside from preparing your car and money for a long trip (of course that should be the number one on your to-do-list), these are things that you need to prepare based on my experience:

  • Playlist. I downloaded hundreds of songs from Spotify to accompany the journey. But it also was interesting enough to hear local radio stations when I entered the cities.
  • Fully charged power bank or USB charging station. You’re gonna need it to keep your GPS (read: smartphone) on.
  • Drinks to keep you dehydrated all the time. There are a lot of mini markets on the road.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Vitamin and medicine. A tiring long trip makes us more vulnerable to cold and fever.
  • Always have breakfast before you start the journey. Big or small, doesn’t matter.
  • Be amazed with your surroundings, because there are so many beautiful things to see and find out.
  • Try the local food and visit some cultural places whenever you have time. Make an effort to google some interesting places along the way.

Separuh jalan membaca buku Steve Jobs yang ditulis oleh Walter Isaacson, saya sempat bertanya kepada suami,

“Steve Jobs itu mungkin semacam Tuhannya teknologi ya?”

“Bukanlah, dia itu nabi teknologi,” kata suami mantap.

Iya, sih. Mungkin istilah nabi kedengarannya lebih tepat daripada Tuhan. Saya memang agak lebay, tapi distorsi realita yang ia berikan kepada orang-orang yang bekerja dengannya luar biasa banget. Steve bisa membuat orang-orang tersebut berhasil melakukan hal-hal yang melampaui batas, membuat yang kelihatannya tidak mungkin menjadi mungkin.

Walter mengisahkan perjalanan kehidupan Steve Jobs secara kronologis, dimulai dari ketika Steve diangkat anak karena ia merupakan anak di luar nikah dan pernikahan pasangan tersebut (saat mengandung Steve) nggak disetujui oleh ayah sang perempuan yang kala itu sedang sakit kritis. Meskipun demikian, Steve tidak pernah menganggap mereka orang tua kandung tapi hanyalah “pendonor sperma dan telur”. Ia bahagia dengan orang tua yang mengasuhnya dari bayi hingga dewasa. 

Kehidupan Steve semasa kecil juga yang membuat ia menjadi seorang perfeksionis. Ayahnya mengajarkan Steve untuk memperhatikan setiap detail, bahkan yang nggak kelihatan dari mata pengunjung. Tidak heran, setiap produk Apple (bagi saya) terlihat begitu sempurna, meskipun saya tidak pernah sampai iseng membuka hingga ke bagian dalamnya. 

Selain mengisahkan tentang jatuh bangun Steve membangun Apple, mulai dari mendirikan perusahaan di garasi rumahnya hingga ia dipecat dari perusahaannya sendiri lalu masuk membantu berkembangnya Pixar Studio sampai kemudian ia diminta untuk kembali lagi ke Apple, buku ini juga mengisahkan perjalanan spiritual Steve ke India, kisah percintaannya sampai menemukan pasangan hidup Laurene Powell, juga pola makan Frutarian yang membuatnya kesulitan saat ia divonis menderita kanker.

Cerita-cerita yang diangkat di sini tidak melulu menggambarkan betapa karismatiknya Steve sebagai seorang pemimpin. Ia bukan inventor dan keahlian teknisnya nggak bisa dibandingkan dengan Wozniak, tapi ide-ide kreatif yang ia miliki membuatnya bisa menciptakan sebuah produk yang mengubah dunia. Tidak bisa dipungkiri lagi, kemampuan public speaking dan negosiasi yang dipunyai Steve melebihi rata-rata, dan itulah yang membuat ia bisa meminta orang pintar untuk mengerjakan apa yang ia inginkan. Namun, di sisi lain Steve juga manusia biasa yang punya keterbatasan dalam berinteraksi sosial. Ia bukan orang yang suka melapisi omongannya dengan kata-kata manis. Ada banyak orang yang senang bekerja dengannya, tapi tidak sedikit juga orang yang sakit hati dengan caci makinya.

Bagi saya, Walter menggambarkan Steve sebagai seorang manusia jenius yang tidak sempurna. Tapi, di balik itu semua sebenarnya ia cuma ingin yang terbaik dari apapun yang ia kerjakan. Setiap bab yang dituliskan oleh Walter bisa membawa saya seolah berada di adegan tersebut dan menyaksikan langsung dari kursi terdepan. Ada banyak banget kutipan berharga yang bisa diambil dari cerita Steve, dan tidak jarang juga bermunculan kisah yang membuat haru. 

Selesai membaca buku ini, saya sempat melihat-lihat review orang-orang lain dan mengetahui bahwa ternyata para petinggi Apple tidak menyukai buku ini karena dianggap nggak menggambarkan kepribadian Steve yang sebenarnya. Selain itu, mereka juga kecewa karena ada beberapa kesalahan seputar fakta teknologi di dalam bukunya. Tapi, sebagai pengguna produk Apple yang bukan pemerhati teknologi, saya tidak memperhatikan sama sekali kesalahan fakta teknologi yang ada dan merasa senang membaca bukunya karena tidak banyak muncul istilah teknologi yang njelimet. Saya juga ragu kalau Walter tidak menggambarkan Steve apa adanya, karena bagaimanapun ia adalah penulis yang resmi diminta oleh Steve untuk menuliskan tentang kehidupannya.

Ekspektasi saya saat membaca buku ini memang ingin melihat sisi “manusia” seorang Steve Jobs yang banyak didewakan orang, dan saya mendapatkannya di buku ini. 

illustration: irene saputra

I used to hate silence and being alone.

It was the only time when I couldn’t stop my brain from thinking of the negative version of me, or, the version of me that I didn’t like. It was the only time when I started judging myself.

Ever since I was a child, I couldn’t remember when my parents were home. They were either busy working from early morning to late at night or out of town once in a while. I spent most of my time alone, thinking perhaps I was born by accident; hence they were not ready to have me. Sometimes my grandma came to accompany me. I once thought he was my mother, but she taught me to call her “nana” and referred to my mother as “mom”. She was the closest family member I had until she died when I was seven years old. I didn’t know she died back then. I thought she bored of me because I couldn’t tell her any interesting stories, so she decided to left me.

When I grew up as a teenager, I found that being in a group made me feel safe and comfortable. I didn’t need to talk so much because there were always one of two people in the group who dominated the conversation. Maybe I was quite lucky to have this pretty face that made people wanted to make friends with me even though I was boring. At least it was written in one article I read: life is so much beautiful for those with pretty faces. Yet pretty faces were everywhere. When they found another one who was apparently more talkative, I was out of the options.

So I was alone with myself, again.

There were times when I wanted to change my life. I thought being involved in a one-on-one conversation would make me feel more comfortable in saying something on my mind. Apparently not. I ended up being the listener who never had a chance to open up because the one who talked with me was having a lot of things to talk about that I actually did not want to hear. When they found other people who wanted to listen with more sincere face than me, I was out for sure.

And then there was only me.

Again, I thought I could be more open and talkative when I was in a totally new environment. So I moved from my hometown right after I graduated from college to a town where none of my friends were there. I wanted to start fresh and create a new image to new people I would meet. But life did not work that way. Apparently it was hard to start from zero and people I met already had long time friends since they were very young. I made acquaintances, but they were never friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I had few dates, but they broke up with me with the same reason: at that time they were the only person who was so closed to me but they barely knew anything about me. Mostly because I did not tell anything about me to them.

I did not why but I was scared, you know. I found it hard to tell about myself to other people. I thought nobody should not know my story. I had nothing to be proud of and actually it was something I wanted to forget but I could not. Being with someone else made me forget everything about the version of me that I did not like. For a moment, I finally could think of anything but self-pitying myself.

However, the more people wanted to know more about me, the more I became defensive and closed my door. Perhaps they were tired of knocking and not being able to get in, and, perhaps… I was afraid they would leave me like Nana. And they did.

Well, all that happened before I met you. I never thought I could be more open than this. I have told you everything about my life and it is quite nice to know that you will always by my side and never complain about me. I feel like I’m seeing myself in you. I finally found someone who wants to stay with me forever without asking too much of me.

No more loneliness.

Mirror, mirror on my hand. Best friend forever, OK?



Saat mendengar judul film The Ones Below, awalnya saya mengira kisahnya akan berhubungan dengan makhluk-makhluk yang tidak terlihat. Tapi, ternyata tidak demikian. The Ones Below merupakan film psychological thriller dengan adegan-adegan yang menurut saya cukup mengganggu tanpa visual yang sebenarnya mengganggu. Sebuah film yang membuat jantung deg-degan tanpa harus menghadirkan adegan yang mengagetkan, dan membuat saya menanti-nanti kapan film ini berakhir dengan bahagia (tapi teryata tidak).

Adegan film ini diawali dengan gambar janin yang dilihat melalui USG untuk membuka kisah selanjutnya yang tentu saja bercerita tentang seorang pasangan yang akan mempunyai anak. Adegan kemudian berpindah ke pasangan suami istri Kate (Clemensy Poesy) dan Justin (Stephen Campbell Moore) yang sedang mengendarai mobil menuju apartemen baru di mana mereka akan menempati ruangan di lantai atas. Latar belakang lagu bernuansa eerie cukup membuat saya tahu bahwa akan ada keganjilan-keganjilan yang mereka temui di apartemen tersebut.

Di apartemen barunya, Kate dan Justin bertetangga dengan pasangan suami istri Theresa (Laura Birn) dan Jon (David Morrissey) yang juga sedang menantikan kelahiran seorang anak. Justin yang sehari-hari bekerja sebagai jurnalis dan Jon yang bekerja sebagai bankir harus meninggalkan Kate dan Theresa di rumah saat jam kerja. Di saat itu juga Kate dan Theresa berkenalan kemudian pergi berenang bersama. Pertemanan mereka semakin dekat hingga suatu saat Kate mengundang Theresa dan Jon untuk makan malam di apartemennya yang selanjutnya berubah menjadi bencana.



Jon ternyata memiliki karakter yang sangat dingin dan terlihat mudah marah, sementara itu, Theresa, yang saat di meja makan bersama menolak untuk minum wine, diam-diam meminum bergelas-gelas wine saat Jon sedang ngobrol dengan Justin di ruangan lain. Usai makan malam, Theresa yang keluar pintu apartemen terlebih dahulu terjatuh di tangga dan mengakibatkan ia harus kehilangan calon buah hatinya.

Hubungan kedua pasangan suami istri ini lantas memburuk dan jadi saling menyalahkan. Theresa dan Jon memutuskan untuk pergi dari apartemen tersebut, meninggalkan Kate dan Justin. Namun, hal itu tidak berlangsung lama. Tidak lama setelah Kate melahirkan anak laki-laki, mereka kembali bertetangga dan memberikan ucapan selamat dengan tulus. Theresa sering memberikan hadiah untuk sang bayi dan menawarkan untuk mengasuhnya ketika Kate ingin pergi ke luar.

Kate mulai curiga ketika suatu saat alarm bayinya berbunyi dan ia mendengar suara nafas seseorang ketika ia dan Justin sedang berada di apartemen Theresa (Jon belum pulang dari kantor saat itu). Ternyata, seseorang menyalakan keran bak mandi di apartemen Kate hingga menggenang ke seluruh apartemen. Kate juga sempat melihat Theresa menyusui anaknya ketika dititipkan dan menemukan kamar rahasia di apartemen Theresa dan Jon yang berisi perlengkapan bayi dan foto anak laki-lakinya.

Seperti halnya cerita horor maupun thriller pada umumnya, pasangan dari tokoh yang panik pasti tidak memercayai apa yang diceritakan oleh tokoh yang panik tersebut, begitu juga dengan Justin. Ia hanya menganggap Kate sedang stres dan kehilangan akal karena tidak ada bukti yang terlihat secara kasat mata. Untungnya, film ini tidak berlanjut seperti film horor atau thriller yang biasanya itu. Meskipun tidak mempercayai istrinya, Justin menuruti keinginan Kate yang ingin pindah apartemen. Sayangnya, mereka harus menunggu dua hari untuk bisa pindah dan celah tersebut dimanfaatkan oleh Theresa dan Jon untuk merusak kehidupan mereka.

Saya berharap akhir yang happy ending karena sebenarnya saya tidak suka ketika bad guys harus menang, soalnya kan mereka sudah jahat sepanjang film! Tapi ya cerita ini akhirnya akan biasa saja kalau ending-nya bahagia. Akhirnya cukup bikin depresi, karena sebagai tokoh utama saya pasti akan berpikir, “kalau saja…” supaya tidak kejadian. Seperti apa trik Theresa dan Jon untuk menghancurkan kehidupan mereka, sebaiknya langsung ditonton sendiri saja supaya seru. Sangat licik dan tidak terduga.

Lagi-lagi, moral of the story-nya adalah: trust your spouse more than anyone in this world, unless you’re in an unhappy relationship.

night terror

Sesaat sebelum menyuruhku kabur, mama sempat berbisik padaku. Pesan yang akan selalu kuingat hanya satu: bahwa dunia ini kejam dan semua orang membenci kita!

“Nak, hati-hati kalau jalan-jalan. Jangan pernah pergi sendirian. Di luar sana banyak bahaya. Siang mungkin terang, tapi ia berbahaya. Bahkan bayangan pun tidak mampu bersembunyi.

Orang-orang itu jahat. Sekali kamu bertemu pandang, mereka akan langsung seperti orang gila. Ada yang memicingkan mata kemudian melipat bibir dan mulai mengeluarkan sumpah serapah karena menganggap kita tidak layak hidup. Ada yang langsung lari terbirit-birit karena tidak ingin mengalami kontak langsung. Beberapa ada yang cukup berani berhadapan langsung karena ingin kita mati. Biasanya mereka akan mengambil benda keras terdekat yang dapat mereka angkat untuk dihantam ke kita.

Pernah juga ada yang berpura-pura baik. Mereka mencoba menyapa kita dan membawakan makanan enak yang ternyata sudah diracun. Mungkin kamu tidak ingat karena waktu itu usiamu masih satu tahun, tapi adik mama tertipu dan akhirnya mati.

Lebih baik kamu jalan-jalan di malam hari. Meskipun gelap tapi lebih sepi. Ingat, jangan sampai terlihat siapa pun atau kamu akan bernasib seperti mama. Sekarang, pergi! Cepat!”

Itulah ucapan terakhir mama. Aku melihat tiga orang mulai datang menghampiri kami sambil membawa peralatan menyeramkan. Tidak ada yang bisa kulakukan selain menyelamatkan diri sendiri.

Hari itu, genap seminggu kami sekeluarga tidak makan. Aku dan mama pergi diam-diam di malam hari, berniat untuk membawakan makanan untuk adik-adik. kami menyusup ke dalam sebuah rumah dan melihat ada makanan mewah di atas meja. Tidak ada siapapun di sekeliling kami, dan hidangan itu terlihat seperti baru akan disantap oleh para penghuni rumah, jadi kemungkinan kecil untuk diracun. Tanpa pikir panjang, mama pun naik ke atas meja. Di sana, perangkap tidak terlihat sudah dipasang. Kaki mama terkena lem.

Ya, lem tikus.


Picture is taken from here.