Stt….stu… stutter

This cute drawing is taken from here

Him : So, why?

Shoot! That question! Yeah, I know. I have the answer. I have it right here inside my brain. So where do I have to begin? Reminiscing our first rendezvous? Or, or should I just go to the main point? But this sounds silly, and I don’t know how to rephrase it. Too brief yet meaningful but can my mouth read what’s on my brain? Β Okay, okay, breath. Breath. Close your eyes. Yea… Now breath again. Dear mouth, are you ready?

Him : Okay,Β never mind. Later is fine.

F! Say something!

She : No! Wait! I’m just about to tell you.

Him : Well, go on then.

She : Okay… Uhm… I… You know…

Okay, you don’t know what to say exactly. Why did you lie? Wait. No, I didn’t lie. I know it’s here. But… But…

Him : Seriously. Actually I really want to hear, but, later is fine.

Oh dear if only you could read my mind.

-to be continued-


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