Stt….stu… stutter

This cute drawing is taken from here

Him : So, why?

Shoot! That question! Yeah, I know. I have the answer. I have it right here inside my brain. So where do I have to begin? Reminiscing our first rendezvous? Or, or should I just go to the main point? But this sounds silly, and I don’t know how to rephrase it. Too brief yet meaningful but can my mouth read what’s on my brain?  Okay, okay, breath. Breath. Close your eyes. Yea… Now breath again. Dear mouth, are you ready?

Him : Okay, never mind. Later is fine.

F! Say something!

She : No! Wait! I’m just about to tell you.

Him : Well, go on then.

She : Okay… Uhm… I… You know…

Okay, you don’t know what to say exactly. Why did you lie? Wait. No, I didn’t lie. I know it’s here. But… But…

Him : Seriously. Actually I really want to hear, but, later is fine.

Oh dear if only you could read my mind.

-to be continued-


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