[Review] Hugo Cabret {Movie and Book}

I want to write a review about Hugo since the first time I saw the movie, which was about two months ago? Okay, so here we go…

To those of you who haven’t watched Hugo, I totally recommend you to watch it.

Long story short, this movie tells a story about an orphan boy, Hugo Cabret, who lived in the walls of a train station in Paris. He had an ability to fix clocks and other gadgets from his father and his uncle. When his father died, his uncle adopted him and took him to stay together at a train station and worked as the train-station-clocks-guardian (I named it by myself). However, there was one thing that connected him to his beloved dead father, a broken automaton (mechanical man) that couldn’t work without a special key. Hugo had to find the key in order to unlock the secret behind the automaton. He tried so hard to fix the automaton and find the key because he believed that his dead father left him a special message inside the automaton. During his adventures, Hugo met a shopkeeper, George Melies, who worked in the train station and his family. These people brought Hugo to a surprising connection between them, his dead father, and the automaton.

I am really really really in love with this movie. The story, the casts, the scenes, everything! To me, some of British actors lack in the connection between casts. I don’t know why but for me it is because of their peculiar accent. I can’t explain it very well, but their accent sometimes sounds too firm even during a sad scene, so it makes them lack of expression, occasionally. However, I am touched by some of the scenes from this movie, especially the last 30-minute where Hugo finally found the connection behind his dead father, the automaton, and George Melies.

And right after I watched the movie, I just realized that this movie is made based on Hugo Cabret book by Brian Selznick. Well, I was planning to buy the original English book but since my friend, Marcalais Fransisca, is the translator of the book, I bought the Indonesian version instead. 😀

The book itself is not as stunning as the movie. However, you can see Brian Selznick’s illustration throughout the book. He drew with pencil (I guess?) and it’s very beautiful, indeed. 🙂



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