A father is sitting on his couch, reading his newspaper while turning on the TV with pretty high volume.

As his eyes are staring at the newspaper up and down – left and right, his mind is wandering somewhere.

His fingers begin to move little by little, trying to do one thing he doesn’t want to do.

Find his phone.

He keeps looking back and forth between the newspaper and his phone.

Last, he turns his head to the left and sees the clock at 3.30 am in the morning when he finally hears a little sound from the front door.

“Oh? You haven’t slept yet?”

“Nope, I’m still reading this newspaper.”

“Hmm… Okay, I’m tired. Going to sleep now. Nite dad!”


5 minutes later.

15 minutes later.

20 minutes later.

When he finally hears the sound of her daughter snoring, he turns off the TV, puts the newspaper on the table, and falls asleep on his couch.


Dad, I knew you read the newspaper upside down. *grin*