Allah, Liberty, and Love

My interest in Irshad Manji began when riots occurred during her visit to Indonesia. For some Indonesian people, she is one of their public figures. However, for many Indonesian people, especially those who radically protect the religion, Irshad Manji is an unwanted figure. She’s a threat.

Many Indonesian radical Moslems are against Irshad Manji that her book discussion events in Jakarta and Yogyakarta were dismissed due to the protests. These people didn’t just protest in front of the building, but they even broke the building and messed everything up. I salute Irshad Manji for her confidence to stand on what she believes despite all the things that happened to her.

During the protests, I read those radical Moslems said that Irshad Manji’s book “Allah, liberty, and Love” was misleading, or she wasn’t belong to Moslem because she was a lesbian.

After I read the book, I didn’t see any misleading contents to be worried about. The book is inspiring, for those of you who realize that not everything written in a book must be understood literally; for those of you who want to fight the fear of being different; for those of you who know that every person has the right to choose; for those of you who believe that violence is not the only way to solve a problem; and for those of you who feel insecure about your choice because you think nobody supports you.

In fact, you are not alone. And you will never be.

Pada gilirannya, mencintai sesama makhluk Tuhan berarti meyakini akan kemampuan mereka untuk menentukan pilihan sendiri.

Muslim dan non-Muslim yang hidup di alam demokrasi harus mengembangkan keberanian untuk memperluas kemerdekaan individu, bukan malah menghambatnya.


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