A week ago I’ve received a supposed-to-be good news from my one and only older brother. He just had his first son, namely Kyle, so I’m officially an aunt.

Since we’re 899 km away from Jakarta (he’s in Singapore to be exact), he sent Kyle’s photos almost every day. At first I didn’t feel anything but happiness for him. Later, a tiny tingling feeling in my heart started to grow gradually. It’s indescribable, but seeing the photos of him and Kyle made my eyes glistening.

Suddenly all the past memories came back and I caught a glimpse on how we used to be when we were children, his behavior, his wrongdoing, and so on. Well, the past is no longer there. Or maybe it is still there, but he just secures it inside.









And this tingling feeling is more likely the sign of midlife crisis. Shoot!


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