Life of Pi: Lesson Learned

life of pi

“And so it goes with God.”

Have you ever wandered, what is the meaning of life? Do we need a reason to fight for the ones worth fighting for? Or, do we need to feel blessed despite what have happened to us, because eventually every cloud has a silver lining?

Those are the most common questions, yet the most difficult to answer.

But maybe, just maybe… Life of Pi could answer some of those questions.

The movie offers two alternate stories, one with fancy and fantasy things, the latter with dark and scary reality. The movie didn’t make me eventually believe in Catholic’s God, or Moslem’s, Hindu’s, or else. I believe in God, but not God in religions determined by human.

What I can conclude about the movie is that it tells us there are two ways to look at life. One is simply there is no God, no hell, and no heaven. Everything happens not for a reason, but just happens. Second, there is God and even though it is kind of harder to believe, we choose to believe in God because it makes us feel happier, as if there is something beautiful waiting for us at the end of our life. Or, as written above, there is a silver lining after a dark cloud.

If you believe that fantasies, extra terrestrial stories, and conspiracies are possibly real, why don’t you try to believe that God is possibly real either? (keep-repeating-that-to-myself)

The movie itself was one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen.


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