Reminiscing The Memories of Handwriting


I used to remember my friends’ handwriting when all of us were kids. Back then, everyone liked to copy someone’s cute alphabets for their own handwriting styles. Cute, and sometimes it was way too creative that it made me difficult to read the writing. I could also differentiate whose writing it was as each of my friends had different handwriting no matter how hard they tried to copy others.

I remember that I used to collect letters from anywhere just so I could write letters to my friends, even to my closest friends who lived very close to me and whom I met every single day at school. Funny, and I miss that.

I couldn’t forget that 3 weeks prior to Christmas, me and my friends usually went out to a mall together and bought a lot of Christmas cards. We wrote a very long letter to our closest friends, and wrote just a simple but warm enough letter to others that we considered not that close. Lovely, quite a busywork but I long for the moment. Sometimes, it wasn’t the card that we were looking for, it was the personal message inside. And it was one of those opportunities where we could send and receive something from someone that we liked. Ha!

I think back of the moment where we used to write letters when we wanted to share our deepest feeling to each other. Both good and bad feelings. Sweet, and sometimes it made the butterflies in my stomach aggressively flapping their wings.

Recently, I just received postcards from some of my friends with their handwritings on the back side. I never knew their handwritings before and I was so excited. It has been a long time since the last time I saw my friends’ handwriting. What a pity, eh? We usually keep in touch by phone or email or social media that it made me realized that I have never seen this part of them.

Writing more, with pens, to others. Let it be one of my 2013 resolutions.


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