What I’ve Learned Since Knowing You

Stolen from here.
Stolen from here.

Eyes seduction. Secret meetings. Teasing. Smiling. Blushing. Whispered conversations. Hurting others. Hurting each others. Chitchatting at cafes. Coffee tasting. Holding hands. Holding hands while sleeping. Holding hands anywhere. Kisses. Kisses on cheek. Kisses on forehead. Kisses on lips. Kisses everywhere. Tears. Anger. Screaming. Insomnia. Spooning. Falling asleep while watching DVDs. Guinea pig. Beautiful painting. Lovely painting. Amazing illustrators. Cheek-to-cheek. Biting. Hugging. Giggling. Keeping it low. Keeping it simple. Snooping. Unusual dating places. Happy-go-lucky once in a while. Uptight, sometimes. High expectation. Low realization. Disappointment. Happiness. Culture differences. Calculating budget. Dreaming. Doodling. Wet cheek. Working until late. Sleeping at cafes. Commitment. Cooking. Simply cooking. House chores. Stupidity. Trash conversations. Fun. Laughing. Nose abuse. Pinky finger abuse. Green and blue creatures. Hiking. Unexpected surprises. Love.


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