Last Dinner

The picture is taken from here.
The picture is taken from here

It was ten to six in the evening. A girl at an office was staring at the clock. She waited for the hour hand to move faster to six pm, so that she could pack her belonging and leave the office immediately. After she left the office, she usually bought something to fill her stomach and ate it on the way back to her apartment. Or, she would stop by at a supermarket once in a while for groceries shopping. She lived alone, but she always cooked for two.

She traveled around 45 minutes to her apartment. When she arrived and brought her groceries shopping, she would keep some of it in her refrigerator and spare some for dinner. That day was her dinner anniversary. She had promised her certain someone that she would cook for dinner on their 3rd year anniversary. Hence, she prepared all the foods for a fancy and romantic dinner with wine and everything. She was so excited.

75 minutes later, the foods were almost ready. She made tuna nicoise salad for the appetizer, salmon steak for the main course, and chocolate grand marnier soufflé for the dessert. She clearly remembered that her certain someone didn’t eat meat. She prepared all the decoration with candles, dim light, and good music.

It was ten to nine in the evening. Yesterday, her certain someone promised that he would be there at ten. So, she still had quite a lot of time to take a shower and dress up as beautiful as possible for a night-to-remember celebration.

It was ten in the evening. Her certain someone hadn’t showed up. She knew that it was useless to call his phone, but she still tried it anyway. And, yes, useless. All she could do was just waiting and hoping that her certain someone fulfilled his promise.

At eleven thirty, her certain someone finally showed up. Without knocking on her door, he appeared in front of her who was falling asleep waiting for him. When she finally woke up, she was mad so she yelled at him and wanted to smack and slap him but she just couldn’t do that. He apologized to her badly and gently wiped her tears. He knew that he had hurt her and there was no way to explain the reason to her.

Twenty minutes later when she already calmed down, they finally started the dinner. Well, actually it was just her who ate the dinner. He just told her stories and watched her having dinner, although she actually made all the dinner for him.

At the end of the dinner, her certain someone told something that washed all her happiness. He asked her to get her life and didn’t wait for him every single night. He asked her to stop making dinner, for he couldn’t eat it anyway. He asked her to forget him. He asked her to find someone out there, who was still alive. Last, before he disappeared, he said that he felt sorry for his accident six months ago. All this time, he was worry so he wanted to be there until she could live on her own.

Apparently, it was wrong.

She knew that this time would come; she just didn’t expect it to come now. It was time to put her feet back to the ground.

Don’t despair, dear. Every cloud has a silver lining.