Be Careful of What You Wish For

The picture is stolen from here.

As someone who had never been hospitalized in 28 years of life, I wondered how it felt to be hospitalized for once. I wanted to know how it felt to be sick, sleep at a hospital, and be treated like a queen. In this case, I was curious about dengue or typhoid. Most of my friends had experienced one of the two diseases. I wonder why I never experience it while actually mosquitoes love my blood so much. Ridiculous me.

Well, some of my wishes were granted just when I didn’t want to be sick the most.

My last week was filled with lots of things to do. I had to finish 4-5 important things all at once. As a result, I was sick while I still had to run two events. In between the two events, I got a chance to do a blood test. Still lucky, the test said I was (just) infected. It wasn’t dengue or typhoid so I could rest at home.

However, bed rest and event preparation were not a good combination. Maybe this is the way to remind me to not wish to get sick. Health is priceless and just be grateful if you’ve never been hospitalized. Because when you get older, it takes longer time for your body to heal. Damn aging.

And no, you don’t need to be sick to prove that someone is care about you. You don’t need to be sick to prove that you’re strong either. Jangan minta yang aneh-aneh lah intinya. Aya-aya wae.