Can we cheat emotions?


Being tough when somebody is mourning is not my forte.

Yesterday I and R visited a friend of us, whose dad has just died, at a funeral home. As the only child in the family and since her mother passed away few years earlier, my friend was the one who organized the funeral. She greeted us with a smile when we arrived, even tried to joke a little bit. As we entered the room where her father lied down, she said hi to her dad happily, saying that her friends were coming to see him.

We were quite amazed by how she could stay strong even in the toughest time like this.

Apparently, she was not.

At the requiem mass, I started to see how she felt. She was crying and crying. She was so sad because now she is alone, but at the same time, she is also grateful that her dad is finally okay now.

I know that these past few years she took a good care of her sick dad. She hired no maid and no nanny. She was the one who fed him, changed his diapers, showered him, talked to him, and fulfilled everything he needed. Yes, her dad was pretty sick that recently he couldn’t get out of bed without her help. But even so, she said that her dad never complained and asked anything from her.

I never met him in person until yesterday. Seeing the requiem mass made me burst into tears for someone I barely even know. I can’t imagine what my reaction will be when my time comes.


If we can’t cheat death, can we at least cheat emotions?


RIP, Mr Kenneth Wong.