I Love Books Actually. I Love Books, Actually. Books Actually, I Love.

I have to admit. I am the type of person who judges a book by its cover especially when it comes to something that matters to me.

I’ve been to Singapore many times since 2003 because my older brother lives there, but I just found a comfy and homie bookstore named Books Actually last year! After googling here and there, I realized that this bookstore has been established since 2005. O dear, where have I been?

It started with the journey of me and R tasting some good local coffee shops in Singapore. One day, after trying several coffee shops few days before, we managed to continue exploring other coffee shops, including the one located in Tiong Bahru called 40 Hands Coffee. It really caught my eyes as Books Actually is located right in front of 40 Hands Coffee.

The appearance

The appearance is just beautiful with tree mural painting above the front door and a drawing of the penguin book mascot on the right side. I was in awe of this bookstore! The moment I stepped into the building, I felt like I wanted to stay forever. The smell of old books and the crisp aroma of new books melted in imaginative ways.

Books Actually specializes in Literature and Fiction, including prose, poetry, essay, literary journals, and others. The bookstore also has rare and vintage books from a wide variety of genres, including cookbook, science, history, travel, and a lot more. Not to mention the lovely stationary and alphabetical postcards! Further inside the store, there is a gate to the vintage collections of stuff, including merchandise, old games, cards, and dishware. They even have a collection of art prints, vinyl, cassette tapes, and CDs.

Further inside

If you happen to be in Singapore in the near future, don’t forget to visit this bookstore. Who knows, its upcoming literary events coincide with your travel schedule.

9 Yong Siak Street
(65) 6222-9195


Homemade Salsa Sauce

photo 1

Looking for a restaurant that provides salsa sauce in Jakarta is not difficult. There are some good Mexican restaurants in the city. However, I always love to make one at home. It is tasty and super easy! Nothing beats the homemade and fresh salsa sauce, right?

I got the recipe from a friend of mine and I’ve been addicted to it since the first time I try. It tastes the combination of sweet and sour, with the fragrance of fresh coriander leaves that will blow your senses. Perfect for any time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snack!



  • Fresh coriander leaves, diced
  • Fresh tomatoes, finely diced
  • Shallots, chopped
  • Onions, chopped
  • Lemon zest
  • Honey
  • Sesame oil
  • A dash of mint leaves
  • Chili padi (if you want it to be spicy), diced


  • Mix the diced coriander leaves, tomatoes, shallots, and onions in a bowl
  • Add 2-3 tbsp of lemon zest
  • Add 1 tbsp of honey
  • Pour just a little bit of sesame oil
  • Add the mint leaves
  • Mix all of the ingredients together

I don’t really pay attention to the proportion of the ingredients, because actually it depends on the preference.

photo 3


PS: Mind the tortilla, it was homemade but it was not properly made; hence I don’t share the recipe. 😛

An Ugly Duckling


Picture taken from here.

This is a story of an ugly duckling that turns into a beautiful swan… Temporarily.

Rosemary’s childhood memories were far from sweet. Even though her father was good looking and her mother was a real beauty, Rosemary was just a fat little girl with a ton of freckles, pale skin, and black hair. Boys and girls mocked at her because she was fat and had frizzy and poofy hair. She cried a lot, but it didn’t turn her into a bitchy and cruel woman. She was lonely.

At the age of 10, Rosemary moved out of town because her dad received a better job. Nobody missed her, yet no one forgot her.

At the age of 22, she came back to her hometown and surprised everybody, including her childhood friends (friends, really?). The ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. She was slim and her freckles had gone. Her hair? It was flawless brunette hair.

Why did she come back? She said she missed her hometown despite what happened in the past. Her father had passed away and her mother had a new boyfriend. She wanted to be independent hence she looked for a job in her hometown.

Soon after she moved, Rosemary became the talk of the town. During the day she worked as a scientist, while at night she usually went out with many many guys. She did not settle for one guy, and all the guys she dated left the town for no reason, including the last single guy in town. People assumed they were so broken hearted.

Well, they were not.

Rosemary had a secret for her beauty. She had to drink one glass of blood of every man she dated once every seven days before she went to bed. That was the dark promise she made together with her mother to keep the beauty. Before Rosemary’s father passed away, her mother drank his blood every day. Now that he died, her mother had to hunt for men, that was why they could not stay together.

Rosemary told her mom that not a single guy wanted to be with her once she sucked his blood. They freaked out and suddenly left the town. She desperately tried to find someone who was like her father, accepting her mother despite everything.

One day, tired of keeping her effort, Rosemary broke her promise. After seven days, she did not drink a glass of blood and went to sleep right away.

In the morning, police cars gathered together in front of her house. Apparently they heard a scream from inside the house and found Rosemary’s body on the floor, in front of a full length mirror. It seemed that Rosemary was died due to heart attack. She was shocked and disgusted by what she was seeing.


Menertawakan Kebodohan


Alkisah suatu malam, ada tiga orang berkumpul di sebuah rumah untuk membicarakan situasi penting yang menyangkut hidup mereka. Orang-orang ini terdiri dari dua orang laki-laki dan satu orang perempuan. Ketika pembicaraan semakin alot dan serius, seorang lelaki mengeluarkan semangkuk coklat yang nampak lezat dari lemari pendinginnya, dengan maksud menjamu para tamunya.

Tentu saja, menuangkan isi otak menghabiskan banyak energi dan membuat perut lapar toh? Tanpa ragu, kedua lelaki langsung mengambil coklat dan mengunyahnya. Beberapa saat kemudian, seorang lelaki menyadari keanehan yang terjadi: ketika ia membelah cokelat tersebut dan menaruh separuh belahan di tangannya, ia melihat bahwa terdapat serabut putih di cokelat tersebut. Seketika itu juga si lelaki yang satu lagi terkejut, dan mereka baru menyadari bahwa mereka telah memakan cokelat basi. Keduanya langsung merasa panik dan takut apabila hal-hal buruk terjadi karena keracunan.

“Tidak perlu sepanik itu,” sahut si perempuan. “Saya pernah memakan sepotong kue berjamur sampai habis dan baik-baik saja sampai sekarang,” ujarnya.

Mendengar hal itu, satu orang lelaki kemudian berujar, “Yah… Saya sih pernah juga makan makanan basi dan tidak terjadi apa-apa.”

“Oh… Saya malah pernah makan obat yang sudah kadaluarsa tiga bulan,” sahut pria yang satu lagi.

Ketiganya kemudian tertawa, dan melanjutkan diskusi mereka seolah tidak terjadi apa-apa.