A thought over an iced tea


Kota yang dihujat para pemukim, tapi dirindu para perantau.
Ditakuti para penghuni, tapi dilirik para pendatang.

It happened again: the extraordinary traffic jam.

I was supposed to pick up hubby at his office, but the traffic jam stopped me from meeting him so soon. So, I decided to take a rest for a while at a restaurant instead of fighting the traffic and getting tired of it (I still have many years ahead to fight the traffic, I guess).

I was alone.

Ever since I got married, going alone anywhere is not really in my agenda, because I and hubby tend to work together (apart from our office work). I rarely spent time at a coffee shop alone, or eat alone. I nearly forgot how it was just to sit back and take a look at my surrounding all by myself.

I saw couples, families, people in groups, and loners came and left the restaurant. Some of them stayed as long as I was, just to make sure that the traffic was fine when they left the restaurant. A couple, the woman was quite all the time enjoying her food while the man kept talking about marketing job. Another couple, both the woman and the man didn’t talk anything at all, they just kept eating their food and probably wishing for the traffic to end soon. I also saw Gojek driver sat alone, waiting for the food he ordered for his client. He didn’t stay long, of course. One woman, not me, was eating alone and repeatedly looking outside through the restaurant window.

I was alone, but not alone. Most of us were here for the same reason: waiting for the traffic and going home to meet our loved ones.

I love sitting alone and just take a look at other people who stay in the same room with me. I love listening to strangers talking although most of the time I could not really understand what they were talking about. I love hearing the murmur of the crowd without having to jump in to the conversation.


Image: donkeycoffee.com