The Meeting and The Parting

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In the middle of the journey of our life, we will meet and lose people whom we call friends, enemies, families, relatives, colleagues, and others. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, acquaintances become best friends, we never know. Some people come to our life to show us the real meaning of togetherness. And that feels great, somehow, knowing that they will be at your side through the good times and the bad times.

However, some other people come to our life to teach us the art of losing someone. When a person walks away from your life, it doesn’t always mean that you do them wrong. Perhaps their part in your life is over and they have to meet other people to give the same lesson they give to you. The good thing is, you can move on and don’t have to think about that person too long. You don’t have to hope what you think about them is wrong and they could come back to your side again. No. Things are not going that way.

Everyone has their own problems, and maybe their perfect way to deal with those is by escaping to another place. Maybe.


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