Singapore, How It Public Transportation Works


Of all Southeast Asia countries, I guess everyone would agree when I said that Singapore had the best public transportation system. You can go anywhere safely and easily using MRT, LRT, and buses, then voila! Almost each area is reachable within walking distance. 

Whether you are a first timer or frequent visitor, the only one key to not get lost in Singapore is internet connectivity. If you have connected to the internet and still get lost, I don’t know what to recommend. 😸

There are three apps that I rely on when I visit this country:


You can find direction to any places in Singapore, and the app will tell you how to go there using MRT, bus, taxi, or car. Just follow the steps, it is very easy to use. I can assure you that the app is really accurate. If you can’t find the name of the venue, just type in the street name. 

However, recently I can no long  use the lite version and it suggests me to buy the full version. I don’t bother since I’m not staying in Singapore. But if you are planning to stay for quite a long time, the full version should be okay. It costs only IDR59,000 (about US$4) and maybe it comes with more features.


I actually prefer using as it is more straightforward, but Mytransport is also great because it is very complete and informative. You can search any bus stops and find out which buses stop at which terminals (including the estimation time of arrival, and it is very accurate, by the way). You can also estimate the MRT fare and travel time.

The app comes with an internal map. So when you get on a bus, just search for the bus number and check on the map then you can see each stop as the bus moves. Cool, right? If you prefer to use buses than MRT/LRT, this app is really recommended.

Google Map


Well, this map is not only handy in Singapore but also other countries, for sure. You can search for any directions to anywhere in the country, but I find Google Map is sometimes not that accurate (especially when I was in Bangkok, the buses there were quite unpredictable!). 


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