I Love Books Actually. I Love Books, Actually. Books Actually, I Love.

I have to admit. I am the type of person who judges a book by its cover especially when it comes to something that matters to me.

I’ve been to Singapore many times since 2003 because my older brother lives there, but I just found a comfy and homie bookstore named Books Actually last year! After googling here and there, I realized that this bookstore has been established since 2005. O dear, where have I been?

It started with the journey of me and R tasting some good local coffee shops in Singapore. One day, after trying several coffee shops few days before, we managed to continue exploring other coffee shops, including the one located in Tiong Bahru called 40 Hands Coffee. It really caught my eyes as Books Actually is located right in front of 40 Hands Coffee.

The appearance

The appearance is just beautiful with tree mural painting above the front door and a drawing of the penguin book mascot on the right side. I was in awe of this bookstore! The moment I stepped into the building, I felt like I wanted to stay forever. The smell of old books and the crisp aroma of new books melted in imaginative ways.

Books Actually specializes in Literature and Fiction, including prose, poetry, essay, literary journals, and others. The bookstore also has rare and vintage books from a wide variety of genres, including cookbook, science, history, travel, and a lot more. Not to mention the lovely stationary and alphabetical postcards! Further inside the store, there is a gate to the vintage collections of stuff, including merchandise, old games, cards, and dishware. They even have a collection of art prints, vinyl, cassette tapes, and CDs.

Further inside

If you happen to be in Singapore in the near future, don’t forget to visit this bookstore. Who knows, its upcoming literary events coincide with your travel schedule.

9 Yong Siak Street
(65) 6222-9195


A Glimpse of Ubud, Bali

My relationship with a beautiful village called Ubud started 3 years ago. Back then, Ubud was only one of the places in Bali that I wasn’t familiar with.

Until one day I became one of those-so-called-UWRF-volunteers, I fell in love instantly with this traditional-yet-modern-village. I had a deeper relationship with Ubud when I came to the village to work at one of the local organizations in there. I went alone, but as far as I remembered, I never felt alone.

For some people, Ubud is kind of boring. The shops are closed at around 7-8 pm. The restaurants are open until 11 pm at max. The nightlife is rather dull. No beaches, but padi fields. No bikinis, but shorts.

For me, and some other people, Ubud is enchanting. Always.

You can walk alone in ubud and enjoy it, still. You can have a cup of nice coffee and a slice of decent cake while reading your favorite book. Enjoy the moment, forget your rush, and just let the ambiance escapes you from the real world. You can go by yourself to any places and find yourself chatting with everybody.

I’m not planning to list the good restaurants or coffee shops or places in Ubud, because once you’re in Ubud, you’ll find a lot of worth-the-try places. Pay attention to every detail and you’ll realize that even a small shop at the corner of a street is surprisingly incredible!